Club Wow | Dance Worldcup Spain 2017

Q: What is Club Wow? 

Club Wow is a media provider for mass mass participation events. We partner with events to deliver One service, All media, For everyone.   

All standard resolution photos and videos are available unlimited and free of charge to every dancer. Club Wow brings all photography and video together in one place, accessed on demand, on any device and at any time. 

We'll be updating Club Wow with the latest media throughout the world final meaning you no longer have to wait to access any of your media. 


Q: What is my membership / competitor number?

A: Your membership number is the unique competitor number given to you when you're performing at Dance Worldcup Spain. Please use this to register for Club Wow. 


Q: I don't have a membership / competitor number

A: Please contact a member of the Dance Worldcup Spain team who will be able to provide this to you. 


Q: I'm following Dance Worldcup Spain but I'm not taking part - what about me!

A: Our live streaming services are completly free of charge for all users and do not require a Club Wow login to access - you can watch here


Q: Can I purchase premium live streaming access to guarentee my place?

A: We deliver our live streaming completly free of charge to everyone. At this time we do not offer premium or priority access. Our streaming services are hosted by Microsoft in their Azure Cloud which offers us the flexibility to scale instantly according to demand. In 2015, over half a million users from 92 countries watched the Dance World Cup live from Bucharest on Club Wow. We do not anticipate any issues with users viewing our live stream and we are not restricted with slots or places. We also have a comprehensive redundancies and backup systems in place to ensure we can continue to broadcast the competition in a range of unlikely situations. We believe that Trust starts with transparency so we've published our system status publically. You can view our live system status here


Q: I represent a dance school competing in Dance Worldcup - How can we access Club Wow

A: We offer complimentary Club Wow Guest membership to dance schoosl. To claim this, please visit the Club Wow team located at the Cluv Wow team at the event - please note you will be asked to provide appropiate verification. If you're not attending the event, please contact our member support team who will be able to assist. 


Q: I'd like to print my photographs 

A: We offer on-site printing services with a variety of high quality products. Please visit the Club Wow desk at the event to find out more. 


Q: I'd like to update my Club Wow information 

A: You can update your information at anytime by accessing the 'My Account' section of Club Wow.